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Boyne Smelters Enviro Ponds


GILG members are committed to environmental leadership and excellence in everything they do. We aim to be an industry benchmark of environmental best practice. Our focus is on constant improvement in the way we do business.

GILG members are focused on minimising the impact on the environment and the community and regularly up date technology we use, our systems and processes, and work closely with Government and our community to identify any environmental concerns and address them in an open, honest, transparent and timely manner based on fact.

Healthy Harbour

GILG is a committee member on the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership (GHHP) which is a forum to bring to other parties including community, industry, science, Government, statutory bodies committed to the health of the Gladstone Harbour.

Air Quality

GILG participates in the Gladstone Air Quality Community Group (GAQCG). GAQCG consists of community, industry, Government and research stakeholders that meet every two months to further the group’s vision to achieve a greater understanding of air quality monitoring in the Gladstone Region.

If you would like to learn more about GAQCG visit the Department of Environment and Science

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