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Gladstone Industry Leadership Group (GILG) is a membership organisation which represents Gladstone major industry. GILG’s vision is to have an ongoing working collaboration between industry, Community and Government toward a position sustainable future for major industry in Gladstone.

GILG’s main objectives are to:

  • Monitor and understand key issues in Gladstone relevant to industry.

  • Provide open, honest, transparent, and accountable information on issues pertaining to industry and the community based on fact.

  • Progress the contribution of members to maintaining air and water quality.

  • Facilitate cooperation between members in a collegiate format for enhancement of industry.

  • Advocate in issues relevant to members.

  • Build relationships between industry and others.

  • Provide rigorous stakeholder engagement on behalf of industry.

GILG is working proactively to address relevant and topical issues for industry and the community while demonstrating leadership and responsibility.